dimanche 23 novembre 2014

mardi 18 novembre 2014

Double Dragon ReArmed for Amiga

Don’t forget to check the work in progress of my Double Dragon Remake. So far, there are 4 episodes.

mardi 11 novembre 2014

«Comet Day» Remix By Michael GIBS

Here is another remix of a wonderful track composed by YERZMYEY on ZX Spectrum... Follow the HashTag to listen to his music.


I was watching some ZX Spectrum demos and fell in love with this amazing track. Looking for the software used to create this track I found Sample Tracker and the Yerzmyey website. I sent him a message to know if it was an original Zx Spectrum tune or a port because I wanted it in 16bit (The original is 4bit). The original track was composed using Sample Tracker, so I had to create the 16bit track. Enjoy.

MegaLoler : "It was amazing from the very first second"

SketchMan3 : "Wow nice"

YERZMYEY : "Hahaha, it rulezzzzzzzz, dude!!! :)"

Lamer Pinky : "Woooooow yeah !!! Nice ride !!!!"

samedi 8 novembre 2014


You can listen to my Turrican remix, but here are what some people thinking of it :

Büke Beyond : «Awesome! Love the guitars and the Guns n' Roses touch!»

Zalex : «Du très bon son. Merci Maitre Gibs»

Chris Huelsbeck : «Good ideas there, very nice guitar work, but I feel the mix could be improved. Overall, I like it though...»

dimanche 2 novembre 2014

Graham Humphrey : Douchebag!

It’s not my words.
Somebody sent me those screenshots (thanks).

Fred, I don’t know you but you had the same attitude than me... and many others...